Gaelite makes a point by producing one of the tallest signs in Ireland

Posted on Jan 17, 2017


The Point Village Shopping Centre is part of a multi-million euro development in the docklands area of Dublin.

Comprising a Hotel, Shopping Centre and Office space focussed on the media industry, proves that this is a vibrant and exciting prospect for Dublin creating new jobs and boosting the economy.

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As part of the development of the shopping area, Gaelite was approached by the Internationally renowned architects ‘Scott Tallon Walker’ to produce a sign that will be sure to catch peoples attention – a 15 metre tall totem making it one of the tallest free standing signs in Ireland!

Construction and installation of such a large sign requires thorough planning both for production and logistics, not to mention it passing the scrutiny of local authority planning approval.With the green light given to the project, the team at Gaelite excelled themselves in creating and delivering this monumental landmark sign on time and on budget – much to the delight of the client.

“The goal was to make a totem sign of elegant proportions that would act as an Urban Marker for the Point Village Development. The completed design that we developed with Gaelite delivers a carefully detailed sign with a slender structure while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate change over time.”

Ronan Phelan
Scott Tallon Walker Architects

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Some facts and figures about this colossal project:

200 man hours to design and fabricate the steelwork

Sign assembly 600 hours

Each pole in the frame weighs 4500kg

Total steelwork weight 10,000kg

Total sign weight 15 tonnes

The wall of the box sections is 16mm thick

Base Plates 40mm thick

Sign Height 15.25m (50ft)

Sign Width 3.5m (11ft 6in.)

Escorted to site with a wide load permit and lane closures in place

It took a team of 10 men to install with a tandem lift of 2 cranes and a hiab with qualified banksman and a traffic management company